Drink a lot of soda. What diseases are at risk?

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Super Poll  (SUPER POLL) reveals research results  “Why do Thai people drink soft drinks?”  from a sample group. A total of 500 samples were taken between 4-11 May. It was found that the majority of people, up to 97.4%, liked to drink soft drinks and found that males liked to drink soft drinks more than females. Meanwhile, those aged 15-24 years drink soft drinks the most. For the reason of cooling off, today Tonkit360 has some knowledge from  the Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health.  Let’s talk about drinking excessive amounts of soft drinks. What diseases are at risk?



It is known that Consumption of beverages that are high in sugar but provides nutrients and a feeling of low satiety like soft drinks Not a good behavior for health , weight, consumption of soft drinks. that contain high amounts of sugar Does not affect health This is not just a concern without evidence. But more than 30 research studies and experiments have been compiled and found that drinking soft drinks with high amounts of sugar It is associated with weight gain. and risk of obesity

Disease, diabetes , high blood pressure

In addition to weight gain and obesity that may be asked about Various research data with many participants also pointed out that drinking high amounts of sugar-laced soft drinks It can also lead to abdominal obesity syndrome and type 2 diabetes , which is considered a finding that all soft drink drinkers can prove. You should be aware and limit your drinking. To reduce the risk of abdominal obesity This results in high blood pressure levels. and high blood sugar levels A lot of fat accumulates around the waist. Including having a high level of cholesterol. or increased triglycerides Risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Osteoporosis,  tooth decay

It is suspected that drinking soft drinks Will result in decreased bone density. Or has osteoporosis developed as they say? This has some scientific studies. It was found that drinking soft drinks that contain a lot of phosphoric acid (Phosphoric) is an ingredient. May be a risk factor for hypocalcemia. (Hypocalcemia) both drinking soft drinks are also associated with Risk of fracture of the forearm bone as well.

As for tooth decay, it is well known that Foods that are high in sugar are at risk of dental health problems. This is because the residual sugar becomes food for bacteria in the mouth. Causes the adhesion of bacteria to sugar. Eventually becomes tartar. Not even including various drinks. that are sweet and sodas that are high in sugar But what is even more shocking is that Even soft drinks that use sweeteners instead of sugar. It can also be a cause of tooth decay as well.

Heart disease

Another health problem that can occur from drinking soft drinks The results of the research found that Regular consumption of sugary soft drinks It is linked to a higher risk of coronary heart disease. It also results in changes in fat levels. Inflammatory factors and the hormone leptin (Leptin), which is a satiety hormone that is not good for health. As for soft drinks that uses sweeteners instead of sugar It has not been found to be linked to coronary heart disease or have any biological effects on the โปรโมชั่น ufabet body.

Dementia Stroke

There is mention of danger. from drinking sugar-free soft drinks Or use sweeteners instead of sugar. with the occurrence of cerebrovascular disease and widespread dementia which comes from one research that tracks participants’ soft drink drinking behavior. Results revealed that those who drank sugar-free soft drinks There is a greater risk of such diseases. Three times as many people who do not drink sugar-free soft drinks, which this study confirms. and has been recognized by the American Heart Association.

How to control sugar intake so as not to risk disease?

  1. Start eating less sugar. Make it a habit to order a little something sweet regularly. It is to create a familiarity with your own taste. And become a person who is not addicted to sweet things
  2. Reduce the addition of sugar every time, both in savory food, sweet food, even when seasoning noodles. There is no need to add sugar. or add other seasonings. Or if at any time you know that you have eaten food containing sugar. It should be reduced in the next meal.
  3. Try to control your daily sugar intake to no more than 6 teaspoons. And eat mainly natural food, for example if you feel like eating sweets. Eat fruit instead. Or if you feel like having a sweet drink, try choosing it. Fresh fruit juice substitute
  4. Drinking clean water is best. There is no risk of disease as well.

How many minutes does it take for each type of nectar to burn?

  1. A 325 ml can of black soft drink contains approximately 31 grams or 8 teaspoons of sugar. It takes time to burn off by walking at least 18 minutes or walking up the stairs or Jog for at least 12 minutes.
  2. 325 milliliters of canned soft drinks, colored water and clear water contain approximately 39 grams of sugar or 10 teaspoons. It takes at least 22 minutes to burn off by walking or at least 16 minutes walking up stairs or jogging.
  3. A 420 ml bottle of Honey Lemon Green Tea has approximately 49 grams or 12 teaspoons of sugar. It takes time to burn off by walking for at least 27 minutes or walking up stairs or jogging for at least 19 minutes.
  4. 380 ml of herbal drink contains approximately 40 grams or 10 teaspoons of sugar. It takes at least 22 minutes to burn off by walking, or at least 16 minutes walking up stairs or jogging.
  5. Fresh coffee or tea brewed in a medium sized cup It has approximately 9-10 teaspoons of sugar. It takes at least 20-22 minutes to burn off by walking or 14-16 minutes walking up the stairs or jogging.