Ten Hag is not merciful forcing the shin Ghost to listen to the sound of Swan celebrating victory

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Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag ordered. His players to sit in the next room to listen to the celebrations of Liverpool players as a punishment. Humiliated and lost overwhelmingly. It is also an important lesson to prevent such things from happening again.

The Mirror reports that Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag has begun to show off to his team. When forcing the mentally ill to sit and listen to the cheers of joy from Liverpool ‘s dressing room. They are celebrating a 7-0 victory over their all-time rivals with an unstoppable 7-0 shot, plus the last warning, who’s in worse form? Go play with the U-21 team for sure.

Ten Hag is not merciful forcing the shin Ghost to listen to the sound of Swan celebrating victory

United ‘s stars , including arrogant captain Bruno Fernandes  goalscorer Marcus Rashford and Casemiro and Rafael Varane, lifted the UEFA Champions League trophy. Many times in the league, when I was with Real Madrid. I had to sit and listen quietly and the Dutch boss. He was heavily upset, telling them to use it as an incentive to make sure. The next match will not show such an inconsiderate performance again.

Then the next day, the Red Devils coach arrived at the Carrington Training Center from 7:00 am local time. along with the UFABET team. The players arrived at 9:00 a.m. to come to a team meeting to find out the cause of the club’s worst defeat in almost a century. And have warned all players that If something like this happens again There will be no more opportunities for them. And will be sent down to play in the U-21 class immediately.

Red Davis ‘ sources say Ten Hag was apparently furious and told them how lucky they were to get on the team bus back to Old Trafford. and did not travel back with fans. They also want them to work with more sports psychologists hired just a few months ago. To make the mind come back strong again

For Manchester United,  there is a program to play the next match in the Europa League round of 16. The first game with a home opener against Real Betis on Thursday, March 9, with checks on Ka ‘s fitness. Semiro, central midfielder because it was reported that There was an injury problem from the last game. And it will be a game in which they will have to beat. Their opponents to make excuses that have greatly disappointed the fans.