Teenage football fans close ‘Robertson’ facing trespass charges

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well, no matter how good Teenage Liverpool fan charged with trespassing by police. The base of self-control does not pass through the field officer checkpoint. Went down to celebrate the last goal with the love team that attacked Manchester United 7-0. lmost caused Andrew Robertson to get injured

Merseyside Police have confirmed they have arrested a 16-year-old boy ran. Into Anfield at the end of Liverpool’s thrashing of Manchester United. -0 in the English Premier League on Sunday. The Reds may punish a lifetime ban in order not to be an example.

Teenage football fans close 'Robertson' facing trespass charges

After Roberto Firmino slammed the door in the 88th minute. While his teammates red machinery Came to crowd around to congratulate. It turns out that there is one cheerleader who runs through the field guards, intending to join in the joy. But he slipped and fell first, causing Andrew Robertson and Curtis Jones to get injured. Especially the good left-back. to the point of having to sit down and hold his feet. It created a lot of dissatisfaction with Jurgen Klopp, the German boss.

Police in Liverpool released a statement saying: “During the match, supporters entered the pitch. Officers later arrested a 16-year-old boy from Winsford on suspicion of trespassing on the pitch. He is scheduled to go to the police station on Merseyside. We are voluntarily involved in this incident and our staff are working with Liverpool Football Club in connection with the incident.”  

Red Machine has also begun their own investigation. and said that if found guilty. The person may be banned for life with confirmation of no excuses for unacceptable behavior. and is this dangerous The safety and welfare of players, staff and supporters is paramount. 

However, there are no reports of injuries to the attacking line. But it’s expected that it won’t be a big deal. because he stayed until the end of the game As for the situation of Klopp ‘s team. It ranks 5th with 42 points behind Spurs in 4th place. Which is the last area to get tickets to play in the UEFA Champions League next season, 3 points but less competition. More than 1 game, the UFABET next game will attack Bournemouth on Saturday.