Sheikh Qatar tax is better than Serjim in buying Manchester United

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Popular media updates! The recent takeover situation of the “Red Devils” team. The status of the Qatari capital group, led by Sheikh Yassim Ban Hammad Al Thani, looks better than Sir Jim Rackcliffe, a British billionaire. For this reason It is expected that by the end of this season. The deal will be closed.

SMC Sport (RMC Sport), a famous French media. News report on the progress of negotiations for the “Red Devils” team Manchester United. The giant club of English Premier League football, the latest after the first step has passed. There are 2 groups that have passed into the next level of negotiations with Real N Group, the company in charge of this takeover

"Sheikh Qatar" tax is better than "Serjim" in buying Manchester United

for the 2 selected groups, namely Qatar Capital Group with Sheikh Yassim bin Hammad Al Thani, Ruler of Qatar paris club owner Saint-Germain. The famous French Ligue club with the other side is Sir Jim Ratcliffe, an English billionaire. Previously, it was reported that Both sides have submitted an offer to buy. The team in the amount of less than 5 billion pounds or about 200 billion baht, 1 billion pounds lower. Than the asking price of the Glazer family, the owners of the UFABET team.

However, news reports indicate that. The latest negotiating situation looks like Sheikh Qatar has better taxes than Sir Jim, a billionaire in the city of aristocracy. Very much because sheikh Qatar generously willing to pay a huge debt to Manchester United Club. For all of Sir Jim’s way is not ready to pay more in this section.

As for the conditions, if this takeover talks are over with respect to the manager’s position. It is reported that Eric Ten Hag continues to work. With a report from ESPN stating that this takeover of the club will definitely be clear within this season.