Roma fans even suspicious? Why “Mourinho” is not happy that the team is leading

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Busy, rejoice! Roma boss Jose Mourinho questioned by fans After showing no symptoms At the time when the team had a goal leading up to Juventus. In addition to turning to look before returning to talk to the coaching staff team only.

From the team “Rome Wolves” Roma opened the home team “Zebra” Juventus 1-0 in the Italian Serie A football last weekend. in the UFABET game. There is a moment that football fans have been talking about is the moment when Juventus’ Moise Kean only played 40 seconds on the field. Then hit Roma’s Gianluca Mancini out of the game until he was sent off by a red card go. There was also another stroke that was mentioned.

Roma fans even suspicious? Why "Mourinho" is not happy that the team is leading

The moment came in the 53rd minute of the game. When Gianluca Mancini snapped the trigger to shoot just outside the penalty area and smashed into the goal. Until the fans and players, including Roma coaching staff They jumped for joy, but were wrong with Jose Mourinho. The team’s manager was discussing tactics with the coaching staff. Just turn to look then turn back to talk about tactics Until creating a surprise for football fans

For “here stressed” Jose Mourinho, the head of Roma. It is considered the craziest manager in football when his team scores a goal. including symptoms of dissatisfaction. Until it is considered a personal identity But with such games. There is a calm attitude. Which such door. It was the winning goal that Roma opened at home to beat Juventus 1-0 as well. Making Roma rank 7th in the table.

Jose Mourinho received a red card in the last game for yelling at the fourth referee, which resulted in a two-match ban. The organizer of the competition made it possible to postpone the penalty first.