‘Rodry’ hero scores victory, dreams come true, ‘City’ wins ‘Big Ear’ for the first time

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Rodry was delighted to lead Manchester City to the long-awaited Champions League trophy. It’s like a dream come true to lift the trophy for the first time in club history after beating Inter Milan 1-0 in the black final.

Spanish midfielder Rodri admits it was a dream come true to lead Manchester City to Champions League glory. After many failures In spite of having close opportunities, until the last time he was the one who scored the winning goal to help the team win Inter Milan 1-0 in the UCL 2022-2023 finals at Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Turkey when Saturday the 10th of June last


Europe’s biggest black cup match this year, the picture of the game is considered to be evenly matched, even before the race, the Blue Sailboats are seen as a reasonable advantage, but the Python relies on a solid defensive game and waits for a counterattack, making the first half still can’t do anything Until the second half. The 26-year-old midfielder came to score a goal. The agency took the lead in the 68th minute before supporting this score. Until the end of the https://ufabet999.com game. won the European Championship for the first time for the club

“It was so emotional. dream come true These fans have been waiting for years,” Rodri said. “They deserve it. we deserve Last year we almost got it. I just want to thank everyone. It’s not easy Any team we meet, they use defensive and counterattack methods. We devote everything The finals are like this. You can’t expect it to play as well as it always does. Emotions and nervousness are there. We compete like animals it’s a dream This moment is hard to come by again.”

The Etihad Stadium side reached their second Champions League final in three seasons, losing to Chelsea in 2021, but they have done so this year. And became only the second team in England to win a major treble. Previously, they had won the Premier League and FA Cup this season. following in the footsteps of city rivals Manchester United who did it in 1999

Forwarder Jack Grealish said: “This is the result of working a lifetime for this. I’m very happy, I played really bad [in the final] but I don’t care, winning the treble with this group of players is special. Everyone who knows me knows that. How much do I love football? Seeing my family in the crowd touched my heart. I just said to the manager, i want to thank He believed in me a lot. He’s a genius.”