Red Devils locked the target Kane can believe for sure if Spurs fail to go to UCLA

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Definitely! The Sun reveals that Manchester United have already spoken to Harry Kane ‘s agent to grab a joining force next season, believing that if Spurs don’t qualify for the UEFA Champions League You will definitely get a lower price than before.

Although the English Premier League football continues to hit each other intensely. And the European transfer market will not open until the end of the UFABET season. But the news of the movement in the reinforcement of the various teams. There are still coming out continuously. Especially teams that have a chance to win tickets to play UEFA football. Champions League next season

Red Devils locked the target Kane can believe for sure if Spurs fail to go to UCLA

The Sun, a well-known British media News reports that the “Red Devils” Manchester United, a giant of the English Premier League football club, previously reported to have wanted. The striker came in to reinforce the army to replace Cristiano Ronaldo who parted ways. Players linked with Tottenham Hotspur’s Harry Kane and Napoli’s Victor Osimhen have both failed.

Recently, Harry Kane, who left the contract with “Golden Spur Chicken” arrived in the summer of 2024, but there is still no sign that there will be any winning results, which is considered the ultimate goal of Kane’s career, causing him to be rumored to move to the team again if Spurs Tottenham could not win a ticket to play UEFA football. Champions League in the season

The original media also stated that the latest Manchester United have not given up their intention to grab the spearhead. “Golden Spikes Chicken” added to the army Ready to go ahead and hunt him for the first mission of finding football to strengthen the army this summer. by now contacting representatives of Harry Kane and has received a response as well

Previously, Tottenham Hotspur had set a price for Harry Kane, the talented striker of the team at 100 million pounds or 4.1 billion baht, with Kane’s price expected to drop in the next few weeks. If Spurs do not have a ticket to play in UEFA football Champions League next season, which currently ranks Spurs in 4th place, but there are teams aiming to overtake this rank as well, including Liverpool and Newcastle.