Rashford tweeted to urge the players Ghost to unite even though they lost to Swan

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Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford admitted he was disappointed that he didn’t perform as well as expected in the devastating loss to Liverpool, but encouraged his team-mates to come together. because there are still other missions waiting

Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford has opened up on Twitter, urging his teammates to continue to believe and work together. Even though it was just severely bruised After defeating Liverpool , an important rival in the Premier League game, the red match at Anfield was demolished 0-7 on Sunday, March 5th.  

Rashford tweeted to urge the players Ghost to unite even though they lost to Swan

A week after the Red Devils won the Carabao Cup , ending their six-year wait for the trophy. They headed to Merseyside with full confidence Especially the UFABET form of play that is superior to competitors this season. But everything was the opposite. When having to return home in the most messed up way. Since they had lost 1-7 red games when playing in the second division in October 1895

After quietly introverted Asking for some time to calm down, the 25-year-old tweeted for the first time after the embarrassing game. But the result is the result. We can’t overlook it. We must not let it define our season. We have to believe in the process and put it together.”

shooting star Showing off a hot performance in the top league. The land of the elite this season, with 14 goals scored against opponents from 25 games played, but if counting all items, 40 games scored 25 goals. However, the latest league game He didn’t have many chances. The closest rhythm is Luke Shaw ‘s incoming ball thrown on the left side into the goal. But he shot too lightly, allowing Alisson Becker to take it in the first half.

For Manchester United, it still ranks third in the table with 49 points from 25 games, 14 points behind the crowd Arsenal, but playing less than 1 game, the chance to win the league is dimmer. Therefore, there are two remaining cups, the FA Cup and the Europa League , with the next program. They will play their first European Cup round of 16 match against Real Betis at Old Trafford on Thursday.