Messi reveals he’s very happy with PSG

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OK to stay? Messi left under contract with Paris Saint-Germain just this summer Openly accepting that now I am very happy with the team and feel good about the club. The city and everything in Paris Although there is no progress on extending the contract with the next team

from Lionel Messi, the Argentinian superstar of Paris Saint-Germain The famous club of French Ligue football, which has continued news about the future of football, is uncertain because Messi has a contract with PSG that only ends this season in the coming summer. But there is no sign that the contract will be renewed with the UFABET team.

Messi reveals he's very happy with PSG

Messi recently told Paris Saint-Germain: “When I joined the team in my first season it was a very difficult time to adapt to life in the city. Paris After moving for many reasons It was a very unfavorable situation that affected my performance on the pitch.”

“Until this season I started again in a different way. I am more focused and active. In addition to being able to play with teammates who are the top players in the world. Makes me feel good now And very happy with the club, the city and everything Paris represents. more than before I am happy to be here,” Messi said.

In addition, Messi also mentioned the 2022 World Cup final. Who came on the field to meet Kylian Mbappe, a PSG teammate, said: “It was something that was extremely exciting. Kylian’s form was excellent, believe it or not when someone scored a goal in the final. Excellence scored 3 goals, but he did not win the championship. It’s crazy. But he’s already won it, he knows better than what it’s like to win a World Cup. And I’m glad to play in the same team as him. Hopefully we can do great things together in Paris.”

Lionel Messi moved to play for Paris Saint-Germain. Last season, playing 34 matches in all competitions, scoring 11 goals, but coming this season The Argentinian has made 29 appearances in all competitions, scoring 18 goals, far better than ever.