Know the words used in the game. before actually playing

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If you play blackjack game with online casino sites. You need to know what these words mean. Because these terms are considered international terms that are used within the casino. When these words occur, players will know immediately what is about to happen. Therefore, will explain the terms used within the blackjack card game in detail for all players to understand more.

Know the words used in the game. before actually playing

Drawing additional cards (Hit)

To play blackjack card games. If the player presses the Hit button (the draw more card button). That player will receive 1 more card in order to increase the player’s hand closer to 21 points than before. In case the player’s cards are less than 21 points, the player can add cards.

but the UFABET cards in the part of the dealer There will be different conditions. In case the dealer’s 2 cards are equal to 16 points or less than 16 points, the dealer needs to draw a card. But if the dealer’s card is 17 points or more than 17 points, the dealer will not be able to draw cards again.

Taking a break or requesting to stop playing cards (Stand)

Suspension or request to stop playing cards because the player has already received satisfactory points Or the player has scored 21 and sure enough.

Increasing the bet limit (Double Down)

It is a form of increasing the betting limit more. Bets will be placed after 2 cards have been dealt in the circle. If you are confident that the cards have a good score Can beat the dealer will increase the betting limit to be higher By increasing the bet amount, it can be increased up to 2 times the amount that is entered for the first time only. Which after pressing Double Down, the dealer will deal only 1 more card.

Splitting cards (Split)

Is to ask the dealer to split the cards into 2 legs, mostly caused by the case when the first 2 cards have the same value But if you have other points that are not equal points but want to split or split into 2 legs, you can do that as well. When the cards are separated, they become 2 sets of cards that you can draw unlimited cards until they reach 21 points or get a point close to 21 points for both sets as well.

Crouching (Surrender)

When a player feels that your hand may lose to the dealer. or is a card that exceeds 21 and there is no way to win the bet You can squat right away. In order to let the whole band know that you have already given up.


It is a form of insuring that all bets are not lost. This often happens in cases where players feel that the banker’s hand should have a better chance of blackjack. Because in most blackjack games, the dealer is usually the one who has to show 1 card to win the result. This showdown must be open to the entire table.

Which, if turned out to be a card that will give you a chance to get 21 points, players can immediately take insurance or buy blackjack insurance. When insured, if the dealer’s side actually happens to have blackjack You will receive a guaranteed full refund. But if the dealer doesn’t blackjack, then you lose all of that bet.