Dragon Tiger Formula Secret formula to make a hundred thousand

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Dragon Tiger card game formula is another online casino game that is very popular among gamblers because it has a simple betting style that can get a similar return. With baccarat cards, but will measure winning and losing results with only 1 card per side, which will be divided into Tiger and Dragon sides. Players choose to bet on either side.

Whoever scores more wins and 1 card is the deciding factor. Which side will be the winning side? By measuring results from The UFABET card points that appear on that card, which today we have brought techniques and formulas for playing Tiger Dragon cards to leave your friends. To increase the chances of making a profit from betting with the following methods of playing

Dragon Tiger Formula Secret formula to make a hundred thousand

Tiger-Dragon card betting and payout rates

1. Stabbing the Dragon side (Dragon)   Stabbing the dragon side or the red side Is to bet that the points of the Dragon’s side will be greater than the points of the Tiger’s side. The bet payout ratio is 1:1.

2. Bet on the tiger side (Tiger) is to bet on the tiger side or the blue side is to predict that the tiger side will have more points than the dragon side. The bet payout ratio is 1:1.

3. Tie bet (Tie) is a bet that both sides, namely Tiger and Dragon, will have the same value, which the chances of a tie are greater than other card games. The bet payout ratio is 1:8.

Counting points for Tiger-Dragon cards

A = 1 point
2 – 10 points equal to the number on the card
J = 11 points
Q = 12 points
K = 13 points