Chelsea has a first-choice penalty taker in place of the departed Jorginho

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You can relax! Chelsea boss Graeme Potter has revealed that Kai Havertz will take over. As the team’s penalty taker in place of Jorginho, who moves to Arsenal. L at the beginning of the year

Team “Sing Bulls” Chelsea, a famous club in English Premier League football. Currently ranked 10th after kicking 25 games with 34 points. Since the beginning of the UFABET season, English coach Graham Potter has placed for Jorginho, midfielder degree for the Italian national team. He is the team’s number one penalty shootout. But in the beginning of the year Football Dan macaroni has moved to football with London rival Arsenal.

Chelsea has a first-choice penalty taker in place of the departed Jorginho

With no one taking the team’s number one penalty after Jorginho left, the question is who? will be in charge of Chelsea’s penalty shoot-out in Graeme Potter’s manager. Sing the Bulls” has revealed that “In our team, all the players have been training regularly for penalty shoot-outs. Because we are prepared for the events that occur in the field. With the possibility of having to shoot a penalty

“Our team wants to win every game and if we get a penalty we can win. Which is considered an important event that may have to decide the game We are ready to go through this situation. When we don’t have Jorginho, we still have Kai Havertz who can take on the important role here. Which he and all his teammates are practicing taking penalties on a regular basis, ”Potter said.

However, Kai Havertz, a German footballer Chelsea’s attacking midfielder moved from Bayer Leverkusen to join Chelsea in 2020, having played 32 games this season, scoring only 6 goals.