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Dragon Tiger online card applied from betting of various card games. Dragon Tiger or Dragon Tiger is a card game that is very easy to play. By playing from the use of a single card to decide the winner. The history of this game is unclear. Many assumed that it originated in Asia where this form of playing cards was developed. Whether it’s the original Khmer side of the casino or even in China

Playing Dragon Tiger card online has become more and more popular with the nature of the game that is easy to play game over quickly. This UFABET card game has a similar playing style to baccarat. But baccarat games are more complicated. With how to play and various forms of betting Including baccarat that shows up to 3 cards

Card games, tiger games, dragons online

Counting points for Tiger-Dragon cards online

How to play Dragon Tiger card game online Start the game by dealing cards to the player’s side first. Then it will be distributed to the dealer’s side. In which both sides will receive only 1 card each, the player must choose to bet between the Dragon side (Dragon), Tiger side (Tiger) or tie (Tie). to see which side scores the most For the method of counting the scores of the Dragon Tiger game, it will be sorted from the highest score to the lowest score as follows.

The format of the Dragon Tiger online card will have a fixed face of the card. Which will read the value according to the points by holding the largest point equal to 13 points, which is K and sequentially to be Q equal to 12 , J equal to 11 , 10 , 9 , 8 , 7 , 6 , 5 , 4 , 3 , 2 until the lowest point, which is A, is equal to 1 point.