blackjack how to play basics for beginners

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“Blackjack” is a card game that almost does not require luck. Because we mainly focus on the skills of the players. Even so, for novice players. Those who have just started betting can use these techniques to play as well. The initial step of playing blackjack card games is that there will be 1 dealer who will deal the cards and no more than 1 player. 7 people

which is similar to playing baccarat cards in the first step The dealer will deal two cards in the first round, then let the players look at the card points in their hands. If the card received is not yet 21 points, that player Can request cards continuously Until satisfied, but not more than 21 points, otherwise it will be forfeited immediately

blackjack how to play basics for beginners

blackjack card counting

In blackjack betting it is important to measure who wins or loses. The person whose total score is 21 points or the closest. As for those who get less points or if the total score exceeds 21 points, they will lose immediately for counting blackjack cards that are different from other cards. All UFABET cards are counted as numbers including symbols as well. and for you to understand the meaning of the cards and prevent confusion The details of the cards are as follows.

  • The A card is the only card that has two values ​​depending on which card it goes with.
    • If joining with 10, J, Q or K cards, it will have a value of 11 points, such as K, 11, totaling 21.
    • But if going with the face cards, points 2-9, no matter which flower is worth only 1 point
  • Numbered cards 2-9 are groups of cards with their face value.
  • Western cards J, Q and K have the same value, which is 10 points.