Blackjack Game Rules

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The principle of playing blackjack is simple: after the dealer has dealt all the cards. Every player can draw unlimited cards. Draw until the player’s card value is 21 points or a satisfactory score is achieved. But if the score exceeds 21 points, the player will lose the right to draw. and immediately lost the bet UFABET

Blackjack Game Rules


  • A has a value of 1 or you can also count it as 11 points. This will depend on the situation at that time. If you are dealt an A card and an 8 card, it counts as 9 points. But if you receive an A card and a J card, it counts as 21 points.
  • 2-9 have their face value.
  • 10 , J , Q , K are equal to 10 points.


is an additional bet If the player expects the dealer to get blackjack That player can purchase additional insurance. When the dealer’s first open card is an A for insurance. It is equal to the initial bet amount. for example Place a bet of 100 baht. The insurance is 100 baht and will be paid in the ratio of 2 to 1 if the dealer gets Blackjack. But if the dealer doesn’t blackjack I will lose the insurance money.

splitting cards

It only happens when the player receives 2 identical cards, known as a pair. Which must split the cards into 2 piles. then press the pediment to draw more cards. If you get another pair of cards Players can split cards as well. However, the basic rule of splitting is that if a double AA card is dealt after splitting. only one additional card can be drawn. But if it’s a pair of 88 cards, you can draw unlimited cards.

Doubling your stake

If the dealer has already dealt with the first 2 cards no blackjack or 21 points, the player has the opportunity to draw more cards. And can increase the bet to 2 times as well When you choose to double your bet, the dealer will only give you 1 card. But if you choose to draw more cards. can add cards as you want and if choosing to stop drawing You will not get more cards at all.