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That baccarat card game It is the most popular online casino game in the live casino game category. With a simple playing style. The rules and how to play are not difficult to understand. makes many bettors very fond of The nature of the Baccarat game is to bet on which side will get the Pok (8-9 points) or have more points on the cards. Between the player’s side, the banker, the banker, or can always bet Tie

For deciding the outcome of the UFABET game. Will use the method of counting the points of the cards on hand 2-3 cards. Each card has a point equal to its own face. For example, A = 1 , 2 = 2 , 8 = 8 , 9 = 9 part 10 , J , Q , K are equal to 0 points and if the total hand points are more than 10 points, only the last digit can be counted, for example Get 6 and 7 cards, total 13 points, will be considered only 3 points.

Bet baccarat online

How to play baccarat

  1. At the start of the game there will be about 15 – 20 seconds by counting down. In order for the player to choose which side to bet on between Player, Banker or Tie
  2. When the betting time is over. The dealer will deal the first 2 cards of both sides and reveal the cards. Any side that has less than 5 points or meets the conditions of the baccarat drawing rules. The dealer will deal 1 additional card.
  3. After the end of the showdown, the points on each side’s cards will be counted. If any side scores more will win the bet