Basic rules for gambling baccarat

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Dealing Rules

For dealing cards in that online baccarat game It will have its requirements. because in playing, but at that time The dealer will deal cards to only 2 sides, which is the banker’s side. and the players that you can bet on In which each side will receive 2 equal amounts of cards when you have received all 2 cards, and for being able to receive the 3rd card, there will also be additional conditions for receiving cards.


Deductions in Baccarat games can be deducted in 2 ways:

  1. 5% commission deduction. This deduction will occur when you have placed a bet on the Banker side and the Banker side wins the bet.
  2. not broken at all or no deduction It is that you place bets on the player’s side, sure enough.
Basic rules for gambling baccarat

Counting points for baccarat

Before going to understand how to play baccarat online We must first understand the number of points of baccarat cards. The points of Baccarat cards are set out as follows UFABET

  • A (Ace) is worth 1 point.
  • 2 – 9 will have the same value as the number on the face of the card.
  • 10 – J – Q – K is equal to 0 points.

In addition to having to know the card points. Have to continue to look at how the score is calculated, for example, if the total score of any side has more than 10 points, only the last digit will be counted. For example, 9 and 7 cards together have 16 points, will be considered only 6 points, and if any side has the value of the first 2 cards less than 5 points, will receive a 3rd card added according to the rules of drawing ba cards. Kara