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What causes "tartar plaque"? Can you not scrape off tartar?

What causes “tartar plaque”? Can you not scrape off tartar?

Question: How does tooth stain or tartar occur? Answer: Tartar or salivary stone is a plaque that hardens because calcium from saliva precipitates it. Plaque or Bacterial plaque is a soft, cloudy white stain that contains germs. stuck on the tooth Even if you rinse with water, it won’t

6 behaviors that risk "eroded teeth - sensitive teeth"

6 behaviors that risk “eroded teeth – sensitive teeth”

When we were children, we may not have paid much attention to our dental health. To the point that many people have tooth decay before the age of 2 digits, but it’s just baby teeth. When it falls out, new, stronger teeth emerge. But when grown up Teeth no longer change


4 behaviors that harm your liver without realizing it

The liver is our important internal organ. But it is one of the most neglected organs. Even though we all know that the liver’s function is like an energy factory. and a factory that eliminates toxins in our body by everything that we take into the body The liver will

How dangerous is it to swallow "fruit seeds"?

How dangerous is it to swallow “fruit seeds”?

Many people have probably accidentally swallowed fruit seeds. From small seeds like oranges, lemons, and guava (that some people like to chew But it’s not very detailed because it’s hard) or it’s a larger seed like tamarind, custard apple, or santol that has recently been in the


Haaland names the toughest opponents he has faced this season.

Manchester City superstar Erling Haaland has named the toughest opponents he has faced this season before heading into tonight’s Champions League final.      Erling Haaland has been a goal machine for Manchester City this season. Few have been able to stand in the Norwegian’s way as he netted

Manchester City players + Ferdinand after Manchester United won UCL

Manchester City players + Ferdinand after Manchester United won UCL

One Manchester United star has tipped Manchester City to join Red Devils legend Rio Ferdinand after Manchester City won the Champions League last night.   Manchester United youngster Brandon Williams has slammed club legend Rio Ferdinand for congratulatingManchester City on winning the Champions League. Fah completed a historic treble last night (Saturday, June

Baccarat drawing rules

Baccarat drawing rules

Rules for calling the 3rd card on the side of the player (Player) If the first 2 cards total points are less than 5 (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 points), must receive 1 more card. But if the first 2 points can add up

Basic rules for gambling baccarat

Basic rules for gambling baccarat

Dealing Rules For dealing cards in that online baccarat game It will have its requirements. because in playing, but at that time The dealer will deal cards to only 2 sides, which is the banker’s side. and the players that you can bet on In which each side will receive 2